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« Cinema 5: Catch Me If You Can (TV-PG, PG-13, ***+) An FBI agent tirelessly tracks a master con artist who travels the world, lives on forged checks and impersonates airline pilots, doctors and lawyers.
Spiritual Awakening (HD) Uplifting inspirational music performed by local, national and international artists
N.C. Spin (HD) Four panelists engage in unrehearsed discussions on issues that affect the people of North Carolina
WRAL News Sunday Morning (HD) Early morning updates on local, regional, national and news events are provided by the WRAL News Team, along with the latest weather and travel information.

« 21 Jump Street Tunnel of Love (TV-PG) When a local massage parlor is suspected of being a front for an illegal drug dealing operation, Officers Hoffs and Garrett go undercover to investigate it.
Stagecoach West The Swindler (TV-G) The citizens of Outpost are offered a chance to invest their money in a gold mine, but Simon has reason to believe it may all just be a con.
Branded Yellow for Courage (TV-G) McCord contracts a highly contagious illness and seeks the experimental treatment of an unpopular female physician while battling bank robbers.
The Rebel You Steal My Eyes (TV-G) Johnny takes a wounded hunter back to his cabin after getting caught in a bear cage, but the blind daughter mistakes him for an enemy and calls officials.
Broken Arrow Renegades Return (TV-G) A group of warriors defy regulations and leave the reservation to pursue a gang of horse thieves and take matters into their own hands.
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